Bonnefanten Museum

About the host

The Bonnefanten was founded as a historical and archaeological museum in 1884; now, housed in an iconic Aldo Rossi building, it is Maastricht’s leading fine art museum and one of the city’s cultural landmarks. Mariya Molotnikova’s concept for its bathroom’s redesign, courtesy of Flush, involves painted tiles that reference the museum’s artwork.


Before and after

  • Old


  • New


Designed by

Mariya Molotnikova

Mariya Molotnikova, design student of MAFAD

Design philosophy

“Every room a room for art”- Mariya Molotnikova

The first rooms of art are the toilets, every cabin is filled with eyes from different regular paintings from the Bonnefantenmuseum. While visitors are using the toilet, all the beautiful painted eyes are watching. By going upstairs they will find a ‘special’ connection to the paintings, what creates a special and unforgettable feeling for every visitor of the Bonnefantenmuseum.

Materials used

Tiles by Mosa

Mosa Scenes white grey grain
Mosa Scenes white grey clay
Mosa Scenes white grey sand

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