Townhouse Hotel

About the host

The award winning Townhouse Hotel mixes immaculate service and warm hospitality with contemporary style. Now, the Maastricht hotel has one more feature in its creative arsenal; a playful new bathroom interior, thanks to Flush and design student duo Michelle Zwinkels and Bojanna Aleksic.

Townhouse Maastricht

Before and after

  • Before Townhouse

    Before Townhouse

  • After Townhouse

    After Townhouse

Designed by

Michelle Zwinkels Bojanna Aleksic

Michelle Zwinkels & Bojanna Aleksic, design students of MAFAD.

Design philosophy

“Our main goal was to give people a different experience when visiting our restroom.”

-Michelle Zwinkels & Bojanna Aleksic

Townhouse hotel has a very homely atmosphere, when you walk into the lobby you really feel the homely atmosphere and we wanted to bring this back in the toilets as well. Also the 60s style and the vintage items where a big part in our design. We chose for the colors grey, yellow and pink, because those are the colors you see through the entire hotel. So we wanted the first room ( restroom ) to be light, and when you open the toilet doors you'll get a yellow color explosion.


Townhouse Toilet Sketch


Materials used

Tiles by Mosa

Terra Maestricht 206RL 15x15cm
Global Collection 16920 15x15cm

Sanitair by Sphinx

Wandcloset Sphinx 420
Geberit bedieningsplaat Sigma30
Closetzitting Sphinx 420
Wastafel Sphinx 420

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